I.H., 81years old, Posterior Spinal Instrumentation- T9-Sacrum, Kyphoplasty T8, and Lumbar Laminectomy L1-Sacrum

Dr. Moreno has given me my life back and I want to tell the world. Prior to my spine operation on June 7, 2010, I was a very depressed woman with little hope of being able to walk in an upright position again. I was bent over at a 40 degree angle, used walking aids to get around, and needed a wheel chair to go anywhere outside the house.

Now I am standing tall (all 5’3 of me), walking like a human being again, and loving with hope and aspirations. Dr. Moreno made this all possible though his tremendous talents, his foresight and planning, and his down to earth way of dealing with my problem. At no time did I have concerns or reservations under Dr. Moreno’s care.

Thank you so very much Dr. Moreno. You are truly “MY HERO” and I will continue to tell the world!!!!

-I.H., 81 years and thinking like I am 18 again